Pearl Mining is a phrase we coined while using the system ourselves for our own free Black Desert pearls as it reminded us of gathering. In essence Pearl Miner is just that – gathering, but instead of rough stone and logs, you get rewarded with pearls for your time instead. Originally we just used this system for our own free pearls, but we thought the Black Desert Online community might want in on the action as well!

Pearl Miner works by giving companies a chance to find new users for their games, apps, etc. In return for our users checking out their products they reward users with the currency of their choice, in this case pearl items. It’s a super straight forward process where everyone wins, the companies get more exposure for their games/apps, we get a small cut for our own pearls, and you get as many pearl items as you can mine up!

Pearl items are delivered via the gifting system in the Black Desert Online pearl shop. It’s important that you are familiar with this system prior to cashing out your Rough Pearls. First you will need to make sure to tell us your in-game Family Name in the text box at checkout, this is how we know who to add to send the Pearl Shop items to. You will receive a friend request from one of our team members in 24-48 hours in-game which you will need to accept. Once you’ve accepted the request we will send you the pearl item(s) you requested during checkout in the rewards tab. It’s as simple as that!

We try to keep up with new items listed in the Black Desert Pearl Shop as they’re added, however we leave room for you to simply tell us what you’d like from the Pearl Shop instead of listing each individual item via the (Any) tagged pearl items in the rewards tab.