Pets are in!

Discover the wide world of Black Desert Online pearl pets – for free!

We have just introduced pets to the Pearl Rewards Shop in our miner, start exchanging Rough Pearls for pets today! There are two different selections for pets, 900 Pearl Pets, and 1,100 Pearl Pets, and you can choose any pet your heart desires within those categories upon checkout.


Reward ShopItems AllowedRough Pearls
Any Black Desert Pearl Shop pet worth 900 Pearls.

Fluffy Puppy, Shepherd, Curly Dog, Shaggy Dog, Batian Dog, Kaia Racing Dog, Kaia Jackal, Brown Cream Puppy, Mediah Guard Dog, Naughty Dog, Snow Wolfdog, Brown Fighting Dog, Calpheon Chubby Dog, Junaid Cat, Black Thin Cat, Black Valencian Cat,, White Shorthair Cat, Gray Thin Cat, Tabby Cat, Grey Moon Cat, White Valencian Cat, Black Mask Cat, Orange Brindle Cat, Striped Cat
Any Black Desert Pearl Shop pet worth 1,100 Pearls.

Carmadun Owl, Choppy, Stoneback Crab, Red Panda, Desert Fox, Scarlet Macaw, Long-tailed Rosefinch, Sky Hawk, Brown Guide Hawk


Want the new Owl pet? Awesome! Mine up 2,000 Rough Pearls and exchange them in the Rewards tab for a new owl pet!

Don’t forget to let us know which pet you’d like in the text box upon checkout.

Happy Mining Black Desert Adventurers!